Some of the best websites to delve deeper into the world of mezcal & agaves


Comprehensive website that offers different ways to learn about mezcal, various online courses, a certificate program, as well as private tastings and mezcal experiences.

Mezcal Phd

Another very good website about mezcal, offers interesting analysis about topics regarding the mezcal community, very good list of mezcal joint  in the US.


An excellent volunteer public website listing agaves species with information & pictures.


Great website focused on raising awareness about mezcal, offers information and a database of mezcals available in the market, they organize different visits & events around mezcal.

Mezcal Reviews

Probably the best database of mezcal brands in the market, provides excellent guidance of which brands use which agave, community reviews and general information.


A governmental agency that produces and collates biodiversity data and assessments across Mexico’s varied ecosystems. Their outstanding work on agaves opened the biological diversity & cultural importance of the genre, as well as shed light on the sustainable path that the industry of mezcal needs to follow.

Other useful websites to experience mezcal by tasting

La Botica

The bar that started the buzz about mezcal in Mexico City, carries artisanal mezcals from different regions of the D.O.

Mezcales Tradicionales

Offers very interesting tastings focusing on traditional mezcals many which are not available in the market. (Mexico City)


Very interesting tastings of mezcals from Oaxaca in a nice location. (Oaxaca)

Mezcal Culture

Very good reference for bars that carry mezcal all over the world, as well as mezcal cocktails.

Corazon de Maguey

A nice collection of artisanal mezcals coupled with great food, in an attractive setting. (Mexico City)

Archivo Maguey

Excellent tasting program specialized in mezcals from Oaxaca. (Mexico City & Oaxaca)

Mezcal Educational Tours

The name says it all, very good resource to experience mezcal firsthand while visiting Oaxaca.