Our love and appreciation of mezcal began more than 15 years ago, when very few people had a clue about mezcal, including us. It was by chance that one of our founders had a great experience with mezcal while attending a wedding in Oaxaca, and it sparked intrigue and curiosity to learn more about this mysterious spirit.

Back at this time in 2005, when most were drinking tequila, we decided to open the first mezcal bar in Mexico City: “La Botica.” This bar helped create a buzz about mezcal and was the first of many steps on our journey in the world of mezcal.


As other aficionados began to discover mezcals from Oaxaca, we were exploring the different agave regions of Mezcal’s Denomination of Origin (D.O.) – which is the largest in the world.

This helped us to learn about the different varietals of agaves, as well as the distinctive expressions from many maestros mezcaleros distilling artisanal mezcal.


When some mezcal brands had started to venture outside of Oaxaca, we were exploring less known agave regions, where excellent mezcal is produced, but cannot be legally named mezcal because it is outside of the Mezcal D.O.


There are ~200 agave species recognized in the world, however less than 30 are commonly used to produce mezcal. A couple of years ago, we decided to experiment with some very rare, interesting agaves – including some that have never been distilled previously – to create some of the most unique mezcals on the market.


We are proud to be able to present the first mezcal ever to be produced using only solar power, therefore having minimal carbon footprint & environmental impact. Moreover, the production method allows the agave flavors to shine and the mezcal features a clean, non-smoked, superb flavor profile.


We believe that mezcal will be considered, in time, as the “Wine of Distillates”,
because of its unparalleled range of flavor profiles among the world of distilled spirits.

We are on a mission to show the world what mezcal is really about. Mezcal is not a distillate with a worm, nor is it only produced in Oaxaca. Instead, we aim to shed light on the fact that mezcal is a vast universe of very distinctive distillates produced in the many agave regions in Mexico.

If you are interested in exploring the world of mezcal, we would like to be your guide along the way.